Follow this exercise technique to speed up weight loss!

Follow this exercise technique to speed up weight loss!

Every fine morning all of us shake, twist, bend, jump, stretch our lazy little selves to feel upbeat and apparently stay healthy. Only a few of fitness experts know that exercising the right way not only accelerates weight loss; more so in less time

Whenever you exercise, eg in a side bending or a forward bending pose, go slow and slow and slower, being firm in your movements and stay in that particular pose for say a count of 10 and increase gradually! That’s the game.

Exercising for 20 to 25 minutes using this technique will yield better results than jumping and moving hither-thither. Staying in a particular pose also tones up the muscles of that particular area, improving performance and fitness This will save one from unnecessary exercise-related injuries apart from saving those precious minutes!

Today we are living in a world where everything is at a fast pace. The technique gives you good health, in less time and voila NO injuries! Perfect!

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