Preventing/Revoking disease: Self Empowerment Tips

Preventing/Revoking disease: Self Empowerment Tips

Preventing  diseases and promoting health is the talk of town these days..

It’s always a good idea and we can make it possible in a given situation

Irregularities in our diet and lifestyle, environmental factors like pollution, season change, climate change, social factors leading to stress and anxiety pave way to a state of being unwell

You know you are not in the best of your health

The thermometer says you are 98.4 degree Fahrenheit. Absolutely fine?!

But you have headache, body ache, lethargy, maybe an itchy throat; there is loss of appetite, bloating, burning epigastria, premature wrinkles/ageing, acne or any other symptom from an array of what we call vague symptoms.

These are prodromal signs and symptoms which if not taken care of timely, often lead to disease

These symptoms are generally ignored and most of us develop a habit of living with these instead of seeking timely treatment


Ayurveda recognizes these first line toxins technically called AMA and has devised ways to nip them right in the bud itself!

Doing so on time prevents/revokes disease manifestation and promotes health


We divide management tips as per the scenario: Immediate and on a Daily Basis

Immediate management: these cater to immediate/ pressing problems demanding prompt action

1. Fever: you have throbbing headache, dull and boring body ache, loss of appetite, lethargy and tiredness…symptoms pointing towards fever

If you are of the age group of 18 to 59 years and have a fair general condition then you can observe Partial Fasting:

Start being on a liquid diet maybe water and lentil soup all through the day, for a day or two till fever drops, symptoms improve and you start feeling hungry

This way fever vanquishes or becomes easily manageable

(Long term fevers call for investigation)

(Fever reducing medicines as and when necessary)


2. Indigestion: Ayurveda describes indigestion as the root cause of all  diseases. Major five types with management are listed below:

Indigestion with heaviness, nausea, vomit, burps of ingested food: Observing fast for a meal or two shall improve symptoms

If the problem reoccurs, consult a doctor for medication, diet/ lifestyle correction and investigation


Indigestion with giddiness, burning sensation in abdomen along with sour eructation

Similar treatment as above, drink tap water (cold)


Indigestion with bloating, constipation, general body pain: remedy same as the first one, warm environment suitable


Just loss of appetite, no other symptom: fasting for one meal time generally suffices. If symptoms persist, reoccur, consult your doctor


Hungry even after having symptoms of indigestion: fasting for a meal or two is necessary. Not giving in to your hunger is vital


If indigestion is checked at this basic a level then the TOXIN/ AMA is dissolved and the issue is resolved

If we indulge in food despite the above symptoms then the TOXIN/AMA builds up in the body channels and tissues to manifest diseases like diarrhea/dysentery (immediate) or celiac disease, sprue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (late)


The inference we can draw from the above information :

Thumb Rule for resolving immediate/ acute stage symptoms is NOT letting the TOXIN/AMA to build up

Resolving it by light fasting whenever appropriate


Management on a daily basis:

The Magic Mantra : Diet and Lifestyle modification/correction/guidance which suites your daily routine and are easy to follow. One’s interested can take a look at the contact page

There is no general guideline, the matter is entirely subjective

One of my friend, aged 33 years, working with an esteemed corporate house in a high end leadership role, used to suffer from intermittent headache, cold extremities and excessive sweat! All this used to happen for some 2 to 3 hours, once a month, after which he used to feel fine

These were vague signs for him which he did not pay much heed to

Slowly these episodes increased to twice a month!

He approached me

After analyzing his problem and examining him I found him to be overweight, blood pressure on a higher side and mildly raised cholesterol

He had poor dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle

The situation required action “Now” to prevent diseases like hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes etc. to set in!!

I motivated him to lose weight, small goals at a given time

Advised lukewarm water and diet modification for cholesterol control

Advised ways to lead a stress free life


Today, he is all set on his weight control track!

His blood pressure normalized gradually and cholesterol reading came in the normal range after about three months

The problem he faced did not re-occurr thereafter


So we see how these subtle treatment guidelines go a long way in imparting health benefits


For making difference at such an initial level of deranged health we need the subject to inculcate certain  values so that it is easier for the doctor and patient to carry on things in a more efficient manner

We as parents should also take it as our responsibility to make our children understand, appreciate and follow such value system

The moral virtues are:

1.Love and Respect your body and mind: the more you do so, the more you desire and delve in ways to keep healthy physically and mentally

Develop similar affection for your planet

2. Discipline: being disciplined helps us in getting desired results on time. It is also beneficial in keeping Health above Taste

3.Integrity: a very critical value to do things that are good for us. It helps develop similar walk and talk

4. Punctuality: very important to keep progressing and escalating

5.Give room to relax and enjoy: develop a balance in life. Work and wander. Enjoy your work, relish your freedom

6. Passion: It is a driver towards our goals


To summarize it all:

If first line toxin AMA is not treated



It Begins to build up in body (you will be apparently well, in spite of doing inappropriate diet)

Body NO longer hints at signs of toxin accumulation (body ache, lethargy, loss of appetite, bloating, burning epigastria etc)



Progresses towards disease build up as the toxins accumulate in body channels and tissues (Hypertension, Diabetes etc.)


Humans the most intelligent creation of God cannot be left to face morbidity merely because of inability to stop pampering taste buds and laze around

We all need to stand up and build an era where diet-lifestyle guidance/correction remain mainstay instead of getting ill of easily avoidable/preventable diseases and waiting forever to recover

Such a health care system will also reduce cost of health care and will improve public health

When sufferings decrease, diseases drop down, social pressures related to money, unemployment, crime decrease. It ultimately revives not only the health status but also invigorates the shattered social structure of society

Preventing diseases and promoting health is going to be the new heath jargon

Get up and play your part!

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