Ayurveda Myth-Fact: Know Your Score!

Ayurveda Myth-Fact: Know Your Score!


Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines have NO side effects?

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Ayurvedic Medicines should be advised to patients after conducting a ten point patient examination as described in the texts: 1. Medical Personality 2. Disease 3. Immunity 4. Body Constitution 5. Body propotion 6. Mental Strength 7. Compatability/Habits 8. Digestive strength 9. Physical endurance 10. Age. If medicines are advised without considering the above, then side effects can ensue

Mineral/Heavy metal containing medicines are harmful?

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Mineral or heavy metal containing medicines are prepared using various processes which make them finely penetrating even in the deepest tissues. This makes them easily assimilative. As a result, they are efficiently absorbed in the body, broken down and excreted unlike other medicines which are deposited in the body due to inefficient absorption. The only thing is that it should be taken under an ayurvedic doctor's supervision and should be manufactured by a reputed company following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Dietary habits and Season change have no effect on the body?

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The effect of ongoing diet and changing seasons have profound effect on the body, It is described as two separate chapters in the ancient texts. Two small examples: Stomach ulcers and Piles are very common in Eastern India where people have a habit of eating spicy food. Season change exacerbates/worsens chronic diseases like asthma. This very common in early winters and in the rainy season

Ayurveda is a slow healing process?

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If medicines are advised after a proper clinical examination and diagnosis, then ayurvedic medicines can heal you in no time. Diseases like Common Cold and Gastroenteritis can be managed as early as with other systems of medicine. There are fewer side effects and no resistance to medicines have been observed. In the modern era where issues like antibiotic resistance are rising alarmingly, ayurvedic medicines are going to take the center stage

Almonds soaked overnight can be used for consumption in summers?

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This is a very common myth and is widely followed. Almonds are high in calories, releasing a lot of heat in the body after digestion. This makes it fit for use in winters. Soaking in water does NOT change their properties and therefore makes them unfit for extensive use in summer season

Turmeric/Haldi milk is useful for wound healing?

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The functional property of turmeric is dry and hot. To some extent, YES turmeric/haldi milk does indirectly help in wound healing. It speeds up blood flow in the body for some time. Due to this the injured area gets more oxygen, intensive nutrients and more white blood cells to facilitate healing. This also washes away the toxins quickly. Ideally, suitable for use in winters

Ayurveda can be used as a general home remedy?

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Just as one dress does not fit everyone, similarly one remedy cannot benefit the masses. The principles of diet and medicine are applied only after a careful analysis using the ten-fold examination described in point 1. Once this is done, then all the diet and medicine related treatment is tailor-made for a perfect fit

Diet and Lifestyle alone can treat a disease!?

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Unbelievable, but TRUE. If followed under a medical expert in Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle, then YES; Diet and Lifestyle alone can heal a disease of new onset

Ayurveda Myth-Fact: Know your score!
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