Beat Plastic Pollution-for your Child’s better tomorrow!

Beat Plastic Pollution-for your Child’s better tomorrow!



World Environment Day (June 5) was hosted by India. The theme #Beatplasticpollution invites us to consider how we can make changes in our lives to reduce the burden of growing plastic pollution.

This is the most important step towards dealing with the problem. The health of our planet is at stake and by default so is ours!


Ocean Is Life:

The ecosystem of our oceans is disrupted because of millions of tons of plastic deposited therein. Soon there will be more plastic in the oceans than fishes!

The Pacific Ocean which is far from the reach of humans also has its wildlife affected from the plastic menace. A video going viral on youtube depicts how a plastic straw gets stuck in a sea turtle’s nose and how with great difficulty the rescue team pulled it out with the turtle bleeding in pain!

Take a look:

Tiny particles of plastic known as microplastics pass the water filtration system and end up in oceans and in our drinking water.

To our utmost surprise 51 trillion plastics that is 500 times more than the stars in our galaxy- litter our seas, seriously threatening marine wildlife. The world is swamped by harmful plastic waste.


Addiction to plastic is slowly poisoning us:

Plastic also attracts harmful pesticides which are slowly and steadily building up in our bodies!

BPA and Phthalates added to plastics for transparency and durability are linked to fertility and pregnancy-related issues as per ongoing researches. They are also suspicious enough to cause diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. According to an international institute of Environmental Health BPA is slowly increasing in our bodies.


Action to be taken at Administrative Level:

Improve waste management system.

Educate consumers to make environmental friendly choices.

Give business incentives to phase out single-use plastics.

Ban or introduce a tax on use and sale of single-use plastics.

Fund Non-Governmental Organizations to gear up the cleaning of seas and oceans.


What we as citizens can do:

Lead by Example- “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

“If you can’t Reuse it Refuse it”-it’s time to end plastic addiction.

START by STOPPING single-use plastics. The world buys one million plastic drinking water bottles every minute!! Some of these clog cities or reach oceans – taking a whopping 1000 good years to disintegrate!!

Prefer non-plastic packing materials like paper bags or carry your own cloth/jute bag to shopping. Plastic pollution is violence against our Planet!

Refuse plastic cutlery like fork and spoon. Avoid using plastic straws and sachets.

Use refillable bottles, metal straws.

Slowly phase out plastic water bottles and storage bowls from your kitchen. Use steel, ceramic and glassware instead!

Don’t create a 500-year problem for a 12-minute convenience! On an average, a person uses a plastic carry bag for just 12 minutes which takes 500 long years to decompose…Come On! It is imperative to find a better option!

The city of Hyderabad is going single-use plastic free by 2022!

Tamil Nadu bans plastic from next year.

India as a whole committed to eliminate single-use plastics by 2022!

Kill plastic before it kills our children’s future! Do it for them if not for yourself! At least they deserve to live a healthy life in future..Join in…you’re all it!!

Remember the mantra:





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