Don’t dig that deep..

Don’t dig that deep..


I need to hone my cooking skill

Brush up my professional know-how

Validate my beliefs

Refute my fears

Scroll through for the impact of my latest nightmare

Live stream amusing videos

Crack the latest offers and deals

Follow the latest action series

Shop anew smirking in the soft glow of the LED screen

And swipe through the cards in intimidation to know what is causing this headache!

The effect of internet and gadgets is so vast and enriching, it is like an umbrella taking us all in!

Now we’re only waiting for an online haircut!

What more to ask for?

Technology has given wings to us; uplifting everyone; widening the horizons of imagination and availability.


The medical fraternity is now dealing with the modern era’s disorders relating to cellular phone overuse which were unfathomable few decades ago!

Nomophobia or the no- mobile phobia is a disorder encompassing feelings of stress, anxiety and insecurity in the absence of the cellular device. It is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact due to any reason.

Textiety is the feeling of anxiety on not being able to receive or send text messages. It may lead to a feeling of neglect, social isolation and depression.

Post-traumatic text disorder occurs when sending multiple text messages results in physical and mental insults to the user.

Delusions and hallucinations have also been reported with overzealous use of mobile phone.

Communifaking is the act of pretending to use a mobile phone for avoiding real conversations, gaining social acceptance or simply showing off.


Amusing experience:

A male aged 64 years complained of intense itching and redness all over the eyes and the surrounding area.

Examination revealed Swelling.

The diagnosis by an ophthalmologist was Severe Dry Eye.

After receiving multivitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs earlier, his problem suppressed

Fresh history taking revealed he had a habit of surfing over the mobile phone for a total of 4 to 6 hours in the day and for two to three hours at a stretch in a dark room at night.

After giving basic treatment, he was cured. Precautions were explained thoroughly.

Only to see him re-appear two months later with the same problem, this time not that severe.

Probing revealed inclination to use phone gradually increasing, especially surfing while lying down in a dark room.

This time no treatment was given.

He was re-assured and asked to follow the precautions religiously lest the cornea of his eyes gets damaged.

A week later, he came back, with the symptoms fairly in control.

This incidence clearly denotes the importance of regulating and limiting mobile phone usage.

Lighting and posture are equally crucial.


Precautions while operating a Hand Held Device:

  1. Limit your time spent on the mobile phone. There are various applications available which tell you when you are on the verge of overdoing. Stop well in time.
  2. Deliberately and consciously blink your eyes while using the phone. This establishes the tear film, preventing the incidence of dry eye.
  3. Sit straight, with ample light falling on the mobile phone. This puts less strain on the eyes. Avoid using the phone in sunlight as it produces glare which is again harmful.
  4. Do not lower your neck while viewing the device. Keep it straight and your mobile at a comfortable position, only move your eyes up and down. This prevents cervical spondylitis.
  5. Use a headset/ handsfree.
  6. Stay away from the mobile phone when not in use. This prevents unnecessary exposure to radio waves.
  7. Eat walnuts, carrots and other coloured seasonal vegetables. These are loaded with beta carotenoids and micronutrients which work well for the eyes and the brain.



Delhi Psychiatry Journal Vol. 17 No. 2




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