Know your Chillies!
78 Views  The daring ones in Red and Green are also known as cayenne pepper and jalapeno. Another armoured soldier is Black pepper. In general, these are used as seasonings to spice up and flavour food articles. Take a small quiz to test what you know and then read on… Which among these is healthiest […]

Don’t dig that deep..
65 ViewsI need to hone my cooking skill Brush up my professional know-how Validate my beliefs Refute my fears Scroll through for the impact of my latest nightmare Live stream amusing videos Crack the latest offers and deals Follow the latest action series Shop anew smirking in the soft glow of the LED screen And […]

Dengue proof yourself with these Superfoods!
84 ViewsAct now! Post rainy season the weather is hot and humid. It is but one final blow to the already ailing body having borne the harsh dry summers. Low immunity and typically unfavourable weather pave way for diseases like DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA and host of other viral infections. The cards below display the superfoods of […]

Health Hazards of the HI-FI food
128 ViewsPick up a piece of nuggets..they are fresh and crisp..she insisted;  you must not miss eating those mushy croissants, I ordered from the finest bakery in town…they’re all cheese. Have a cup of fresh mocktail... While you sit back and munch on the veggie fingers, I just dash around the kitchen to supervise the […]

When Diseases Become a Trend!
74 ViewsThe other day I was travelling from my hometown. As I reached the peripherals, I was stunned to see what I could not digest in the blink of an eye. I turned back and saw it again! A store named after a lifestyle disorder!! One has to reel through the changing times…I understand..but this…this […]