Hair Care Routine "Holistic"...

Yes, when it comes to effective hair care routine, we’ve got to take this approach!
The holistic approach covers all aspects of hair care:

Everything in the environment affecting those tresses of yours!

Hair color and all those beauty tools are going to give your hair an instant lift!

But for hair to shine out naturally you need to take good care.

Your Hair Care Routine in just 8 simple steps:

1. Sun: Heat from the sun oxidizes the hair and dries them out; thereby doing the damage.
Don’t forget to carry a hat/cap when going out. It protects both hair and skin.

2. Sweat: If sweat stays in hair for long, it weakens them thereby accelerating hair fall.
Make it a habit to open your hair and air dry them followed by a decent wash using shampoo.

3. Food: As per Ayurveda hair are a by-product of bone metabolism. The strong and efficient the metabolism, so are the hair. This may also explain the fact why we lose both our bone mass and hair as we age!

Say NO to excess of Salty, Spicy, and Sour foods. They exacerbate/increase factors linked with grey hair.

Researches prove that all the nutrients we eat are first circulated to the vital organs and additional ones, if any, reach the hair.

Stating these two views I want to substantiate the need and importance of a healthy diet when it comes to maintaining hair health.

Protein and micronutrient-rich diet do wonders to keep those manes shining.
Protein: Egg, Dal (lentils) of different varieties, Black grams, Milk.
Micronutrients: Folic Acid, Vitamins, and Minerals, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Iron are amongst the essential ones.
Include lots of green Leafy Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Walnut, Figs to your diet.

4. Oiling: This should be done as per hair type and season:
Oily Hair: Apply oil once a week overnight.
Dry hair: Apply oil every other day overnight.
Normal Hair: Apply oil twice a week overnight.

Summer: Use Amla or Mustard oil. Amla darkens hair and cools the scalp.
Winters: Coconut or Mustard oil. Coconut oil is a nutrient-rich hair food.

5. Washing:
Do it as per your hair type with lukewarm or cold water only.
Hot water tends to dry and damage the hair.
Oily Hair: to be washed thrice a week as they tend to get sticky with dust.
Dry hair: to be washed once or twice a week.
Normal hair: to be washed twice a week.


Selecting your hair wash:

Hair is of extreme cosmetic importance.
An interesting tale to understand the importance of selecting a right wash for your hair:
A patient complained of excessive hair fall, so much so that she felt she would go bald if this rate of hair fall continued.
Instead of advising her various oils and medicines, I enquired the kind of shampoo she used.
Not to my surprise, she used one that made her hair excessively dry.
A right hair wash adviced and all her hair woes were checked.

This explains why we need a hair wash as per our hair type.
Another word of caution:
Do not rub your hair after a wash, Simply pat dry; using a towel.

6. Conditioning:
Oily hair generally do not require any extra conditioning apart from oiling.
Normal hair can also be conditioned once in a while.
Natural agents like curd, eggs can be used.
Artificial products should be used infrequently.

Do this over the weekend to let your hair recuperate.

7. Hair Care products and tools:
Hair protective spray can be used once in a while.
Avoid using hair dryer daily. Let your hair air dry. Dryer also dries and damages hair. If required use it on a cooler setting.
Do not run fingers through your hair all through the day. It promotes hair to break and fall. Leave your hair alone and let them do the talking for you!

8. Haircut:
Get your hair trimmed once in three months to avoid and get rid of split ends. Split ends weaken the hair ends and accelerate damage.

Good Luck and kudos to the radiant you!

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