Health Hazards of the HI-FI food

Health Hazards of the HI-FI food


Pick up a piece of nuggets..they are fresh and crisp..she insisted;  you must not miss eating those mushy croissants, I ordered from the finest bakery in town…they’re all cheese. Have a cup of fresh mocktail...

While you sit back and munch on the veggie fingers, I just dash around the kitchen to supervise the lunch preparations...Scrumptious snacks and drinks kept the guests wondering how delightful and grand the lunch session will be...

Meanwhile, she came marching from the kitchen area and announced that most of the wonderful snackies were frozen foods that she fried all by herself…such hard work! This was a get together at a family friend’s place.

Lunch was ready.

Garlic Bread, Naan, Cheese filled Lasagne, The shiny and greasy Paneer Tikka not surprising us by its ubiquitous presence, Babycorn-Olive-Broccoli-Bell Pepper dish in red sauce.

Drinks served were mainly chilled cold drinks.

The description above would tantalize many a taste buds; still, I ended up having a small meal.

Went back home and decided that this is going to be the topic for my upcoming blog. There is a lot that I have to share regarding these elite class foods.

Such foods are increasingly becoming popular amongst our society but there is a side to these foods which many of us are unaware of!

Clad in a wonderful outfit, brewing coffee and exhibiting popular foods with your fork…sounds tempting but is SELDOM healthy.


Red Flag areas of such foods:

  1. Preservative Load: Many such foods are not native to India. These are imported and stored for a long time dusting them with more and more of preservatives. Large amount of preservatives makes them likely to create toxins and increase oxidative stress in the body. Increased oxidation is a base for all wear -tear and diseases.


  1. Deep Frozen: Such foods leave a  lot of toxins in the body because they are not digested completely owing to altered protein structure. Freezing food for long hours changes the shape of their proteins, which are not digested in the body and deposited mainly as toxins, paving way for further diseases.


  1. Unhealthy Combination: Combining heavy, fried food with chilled cold drinks is the biggest mistake. This will freeze the food eaten, making it difficult to digest, and very easy to deposit.

Such practices are the biggest reason for increased cholesterol (Derranged Lipid Profile) and Fatty Liver among people.


  1. Refined Foods: Foods that loose nutrients they once had due to the many processes they undergo are known as refined foods. Eg: Refined wheat flour (Maida), Refined oil, Refined white sugar. Noodles, Spaghetti, Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, Fruit drinks, Desserts are some of the products made from refined food articles.


These foods also lack fibre, due to which they are sticky in nature. Excess indulgence in these foods results in deposition of these in intestinal lining inviting diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), Chronic Gastritis, Enterocolitis (swelling of the intestines) to name a few.

We are hearing overwhelming cases of gluten allergy/ wheat allergy. It is nothing but allergy due to these long-standing toxins in the intestines. Due to this even normal food digestion becomes difficult.
Coincidentally such diseases are common in the upper strata of society owing to such food habits...

5. High in fat: Being rich and calorific, eating these foods in routine may cause weight gain, obesity and associated problems.


Healthy Choices:

A major portion of your meals per day should include:

  1. Freshly Cooked food
  2. Balanced diet having all the nutrients as per your  medical personality (  )
  3. A right combination of foods


You can go through blogs in the diet section( ) for more information on healthy food choices.

These elite class foods are no doubt tempting. Enjoy them once in a while, say, on a special occasion!

Avoid making them a part and parcel of your life!!




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    Very useful information in our lifestyle

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    Very useful information in our lifestyle

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    Very useful information in our lifestyle

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    Very useful information in our lifestyle

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