Health Sustainability

Health Sustainability

Health sustainability is the need of the hour. We as individuals should be capable of sustaining our health through proper guidance in diet and lifestyle regimes.  Disease management at individual level should also be made available through guidance say from the web through trusted sources

The world today is a global village. We have a steadfast platform to keep our ideas forth vividly and lucidly. I take this opportunity to introduce my concept of health and well being which I have been practicing with rewards.

Ayurveda caters to disease prevention before treatment. Contrastingly, today we are living in a era where monstrous diseases stand tall ready to guzzle us all in! Considering the global public health issues i feel that it is my responsibility to introduce and also discover healthy diet and lifestyle concepts to keep diseases at bay and maintain health.

The concepts are analyzed through and aligned to the prism of the modern day world!


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