Home made food may harm you..find out how and why!

Home made food may harm you..find out how and why!

There was this young friend of mine, a self-proclaimed connoisseur of cooking. She used to cook usual North Indian dishes; without any experiment whatsoever. Her family really liked what she cooked, they found it very tasty, so did her relatives.

The other side of the story was that in spite of eating the so-called ‘homemade tasty food’ her husband and children did not keep healthy. They usually suffered from one or the other ailment which was mostly stomach related so much so that one day one of them had to be admitted to the hospital. The complaint was stomach pain which aggravated after having food.

After getting the emergency treatments they returned home. Investigations revealed ‘Acute Gastritis’ which is swelling in the lining of the stomach.

She came to me for treatment and it was in the discussion that i found out that they mostly kept to home made food. Food was ordered from outside once a week. Now the question was, where did the problem creep out from?

A thorough dissection of the food habits revealed that the problem was in her cooking style!!

She was following Diet Pattern which was against the     Medical Personality  of her family

One could see the dishes that she made were loaded with red chillies, had oodles of black pepper, was super high in spices and were drenched in oil, salt being no less!

The family never overate, quantity was not a problem but QUALITY of food was a big issue in this very case!!  Over generous amounts of oil, spice, chilly and pepper did the play!

I advised correct Diet principles to her(Listed Below)

Today, she follows and practices these and the family is a Happy and Healthy one!

The principles have their roots in the ancient Ayurvedic Texts and are presented in a way that suits and is understood by the modern world:

1.Not only the QUANTITY, but the QUALITY of food is equally important. Eat all kinds: heavy, light, dry, unctuous, cold, hot (details to follow in subsequent blogs)

In the above case, heavy and hot food types predominated

2. Various MODES OF COOKING should be used, depending on the quality of food eg: gram flour (besan) is very dry (physical property) so it is suitable to be fried, steamed food is light to digest

3. Get your favourite food stuffs as per the SEASON. A simple example is taking warm meals in winters, cold in summers

4,. The RIGHT COMBINATION of food fosters good health. It means take heavy with light, dry with oily

4.  TIME your meal adequately. If you eat meals at a fixed time, digestive juice is more concentrated, facilitating efficient digestion

5. RULE OF PROPORTION says fill half of the stomach with food, one-fourth part each of the other half with water and air respectively

6. TAKE CHARGE of your food habits; be responsible and ENJOY whenever you gulp in!


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