Street food making you addictive?

Street food making you addictive?


I heard someone saying that a particular eating house offers extremely tasty food. So much so that you can’t stop licking your fingers.

Well, its good to enjoy tasty meal offered; but, Behold!

Is the food offered making you addictive? That you want to eat it every day, over and over again?

Here is when you need to give it a thought.

When it comes to the food business, everyone, especially street food hawkers want to offer tasty meal at a cheap price.

So they do not hesitate to experiment with people’s lives. Afterall who is going to prove that a particular food caused a particular health problem?

Health issues crop up when we become habitual with such foods.

Certain food additives/chemicals are added to food to make it seem extremely appealing to the taste buds.

One such chemical is MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate).

Not only does it make food addictive but also causes headache, palpitations, migraine like problems to name a few.

Also, low-grade fat/ cream is added to give food a pleasantly rich taste. You won’t even know where those kilos are coming from.

Shockingly, some vendors will use complete butter pack on a single food serving, besides giving it a nice coating of cheese!

You eat it in routine and all your cholesterol, liver profile will be deranged.

I do not need to comment on the hygienic aspect of such foods. I have seen the dough being prepared in the darkest and filthiest nook and corners
So do not get trapped in such tricks.

Open your eyes and see what and where of things before gulping them in!

Enjoy a scrumptious meal once in a while at a decent place while being aware of the pros and cons of things.
You should take out time to cook for yourself when you have loads of such videos available over the internet.

A little effort to maintain your health is not a bad bet after all!

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  2. Ritika

    So true..

    1. Carmin Uppal

      Thank you Ritika!

  3. Rohan Kalyan

    That is so true… N I think I am addicted too.. Need to stop it.🙂

    1. Carmin Uppal

      I am happy I helped you realize!
      Take care!

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