Sweets Before or After Meals?

Sweets Before or After Meals?


Sweets excite many a taste buds and perhaps are one of the biggest contributors to accelerate an important lifestyle disorder of the millennial era- Diabetes.

With all the mouth-watering lump sums readily available in the market, indulgence becomes a habit!

You just need to pay and you get whatever you wish for, unlike our parents and grandparents times when they had to wait for a family function or a festive occasion to pamper their taste buds!

Patiently waiting for the right occasion made them enjoy the delicacies to the utmost while providing an added boon of keeping diseases like diabetes at bay.

Modernization brought with itself not only an advantage of the ready availability of things but also many tasks automated. This led to an increase in lethargy and consequent fuelling of lifestyle disorders.


Be disciplined in your approach towards food. Be aware and informed of hazards of overindulgence of a particular kind of food.

Get equipped with the modern automation, but be responsible enough to keep yourself active by regular workout sessions, wherever you are, at home or in office.

Plenty of information is available over the internet in this regard.


Now the Question:

Sweets Before or After Meals?

Ayurveda describes "sweet taste" as one providing strength, stability, unity, satisfaction and relaxation to the body. It calms the body and mind

It is heavy and lubricating in nature.

A look at these properties suggests that sweet taste is heavy and satisfying.

Eating a small part before meals give strength and satisfaction, besides calming the hunger pang!

As a result, the meal following a sweet intake is not overeaten.

Overall the probability of overeating remains less.

This way problems related to overeating like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure can be gradually put under control.


Contrastingly, sweets consumed after meals tend to result in overeating as generally, we eat a full portion of the meal followed by sweets. Out of taste, we tend to take one or two pieces extra.

The probability of overeating remains higher.

Ayurveda also recommends sweet foods to be consumed before taking meals.


Let us break the conditioning of taking sweets after meals and develop a healthier habit of consuming them before meals by logical reasoning and understanding.

Another important point to take care of is that one should prefer natural products.

Fruits, dry fruits, food products like jaggery, cane sugar, honey derived from natural sources are far more beneficial than ones made from crystalline white sugar as they are less processed. Less processing means less loss of nutrients, easy to digest and assimilate in the body.

Our discussion of sweets cannot be complete without discussing another sweet temptation: Chocolates!

Chocolates are mixed with sugar to make them taste sweet. A small amount of chocolate is beneficial for health for it is a great antioxidant source, a mood booster and fights ageing!

Eat sugars preferably from natural sources, ones less processed and in moderation.


Tips to beat craving:

When craving your favourite sweets, help yourself.

Take a bowl and put a small amount of your desired delicacy. Go to the other room, sit calmly and savour, as if it is the last piece available on Earth!

Trust me, this will surely help.

Eating with the whole amount available right at your hand results in things getting overdone.

Relax, Be informed and Enjoy!

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