These Signs indicate Toxin accumulation in your body!

These Signs indicate Toxin accumulation in your body!


Toxin overload leads to Diseases- a well-known fact we all are aware of.

Does it mean there are only two states of being; one HEALTHY and another ILL?

Isn’t there a transition state?

A state of metamorphosis from Good to Ill health, from Strength to Sickness?

Our body does hint during this metamorphosis, provided we pay heed and act in time.

Ayurveda clearly acknowledges and describes this state of transition.

The science upholds that irregularities in diet and lifestyle and an unhealthy environment leads to toxin accumulation in the body which builds up slowly over time.

It is at this stage that we get signs of toxin accumulation. More severe the accumulation so is the sign.

It is up to us to identify it and act in time to SAVE ourselves from the upcoming diseased state.

If this stage is left untreated, it leads to a state of Disease.

Chronic disease may take months or years to build up whilst acute ones hint at for a day or two before unleashing.



Signs of Toxin Accumulation:

      1. Lethargy: Heaviness or tiredness even after ample rest.

Solution: Fasting for one meal time or more and Exercise eg: Brisk walk for 40 minutes*


      2. Lack of appetite: It is defined as a reduced desire to eat food.

This happens when the digestive system is overloaded or is weak.

Solution: Light diet, Exercise*

Medicines are required when the digestive system is not robust enough especially in old age.


     3. Indigestion: It is presented in many ways such as bloating, burning sensation, heaviness etc.

It can be caused by overeating or due to weak metabolism and many other factors wherein the body is incapable of digesting food efficiently and completely.

This results in the food being partially/incompletely digested, the product so formed is neither categorisable as a nutrient nor as a waste.

As a result, this Toxin or Ama; so formed keeps on accumulating in the body. Ama is known as the base for all Diseases.

The type of the toxin/ama formed depends on the property of food ingested. Eg: Indigestion after eating spicy food may present as burning sensation in the stomach.

Solution: Fasting, Exercise, Medicines*

Learning to choose the right food as per one’s Medical Personality, Age, Season and Living conditions.


      4. Halitosis a.k.a Bad breath/Coated tongue and body Odour: Another potent symptom of a type of Ama.

Solution: Diet correction and modification is essential along with adequate physical activity*


     5. Constipation/Frequent stools: Initially, the toxins tend to accumulate in the body.

They have a tendency of sticking to and obstructing the body channels. This results in constipation.

If the toxins are long-standing, they start to weaken the intestines. This results in frequent stools, especially shortly after food intake.

Solution: Medical consultation from an Ayurveda Expert.


     6. Acne/Skin allergies: The toxins migrate to bloodstream from the intestinal walls.

The circulating toxins in the blood are known to cause allergies wherever they settle.

Solution: Ayurveda Consultation.


      7.Bodyache/ Headache: Again, toxins are responsible for causing such vague pains.

Solution: Fasting and Exercise*


      8.Joint Pains: Toxins from the blood are known to settle in and around joint spaces. The immune reaction ensues in the local area; resulting in swelling and joint pain.

Solution: Ayurveda Consultation.


     9. Swelling: In some instances, toxins in the blood accumulate and narrow the path of blood vessels, also resulting in ineffective circulation.

      As a result, the blood flows slowly, leaking out some fluid in the peripheries around hands and feet. This results in swelling without any apparent reason.

Solution: Ayurveda Consultation.


     10. Lack of Mental Clarity: Mental agility, clear and quick thinking is facilitated in an energetic mind and body.

Toxins are known to cloud thinking resulting in confusion and memory loss.

Solution: Following a detox regimen curated by an Ayurvedic doctor.


The Futility of Detox Diets:

Of late, detoxification diets have been popular and are being followed blindly.

This does more harm than good.

Detox diets have to have a more personalized approach to reward maximum benefits and no harm.

For this a detailed session with the therapist is required wherein you are advised as per your medical personality ( ) , eating habits, lifestyle, culture, inclinations and disease (if any).



Diet and lifestyle changes should be done under the advice of an Ayurvedic Professional.

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