When Diseases Become a Trend!

When Diseases Become a Trend!


The other day I was travelling from my hometown. As I reached the peripherals, I was stunned to see what I could not digest in the blink of an eye.

I turned back and saw it again!

A store named after a lifestyle disorder!!

One has to reel through the changing times…I understand..but this…this was stranger to me than fiction!

The whole idea is if we start naming stores after diseases..then we’re grass rooting them..deeper and deeper on the turf of our social systems!

The convenience of getting everything you need to successfully manage your disease in one place; sounds good. But will it create a stir for transformation…for a healthy tomorrow…Ever?

Give it a thought!

Are we going to pass on this convenience as a legacy to our future generations?

Irony has it, but the humans should not perish under disease burden created by their very own selves.

The idea of convenience is good; but sorry, it is temporary.

If we try to find a solution to it, there should be as many hoardings for preventing the disease, as there are for promoting its name.


A family came to my clinic. The child, a young teenager, had profuse acne (commonly known as pimples) on the face.

Instead of carefully focusing on the causative factors, prevention and treatment part, the parents were more inclined towards validating the widespread prevalence of disease and believing it to be a trend as every other teenager suffered from it.

The reason  I am quoting it here is to categorize that attitudes like these are not going to help us.

Sit back for a while and give it a thought. Everything has a reason, even your disease(s) germinate out of a reason.

Be brave, muster enough strength to admit and realize the areas of betterment in yourself. Hunt out for solutions with an open and receptive mind rather than spewing out reactions for everything you undergo through.

Keep a pro-active approach rather than falling a slave to diseases and accepting them as part of the trend.

Let us all develop an attitude that paves the way to lead a healthy life and fight back the disease monster with a roar!

Another important determinant to lead a healthy life is the environment and how healthy we keep it.

Use natural resources smartly and sustainably (in a way that causes little or no damage to the environment and therefore be able to continue for a long time).

Let’s sustain health and nature’s resources to pass on to the future generations.

According to United Nations Environment:

By 2030, the world will require:

40% more water

50% more food

40% more energy

The only way we can meet these demands is by managing our environment smartly and sustainably.

Think about it.

Instead of diverting resources to treating and managing diseases, use them to increase and safeguard the existing resources.

Eg: use water, food and energy wisely.

Brilliant minds can develop innovative ideas in this direction.

I leave you with a link to United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development to ponder over:









If you want to do something in this regard, follow here:


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