World Hepatitis Day 2018

World Hepatitis Day 2018


World Hepatitis Day 2018 was observed on 28 July 2018.

Hepatitis B and C are becoming critical contributors to chronic liver inflammation (swelling) ultimately leading to Liver Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer. Therefore as per WHO Hepatitis is raising global health concerns.

Causes of Hepatitis:

  1. Coming in contact with body fluids (Blood, Semen) of an infected person by injecting used syringes, indulging in unsafe sexual practices, getting treated at a medical centre where instruments are not properly sterilized or transfusing blood not tested for Hepatitis.
  2. Hepatitis C spreads from living in unhygienic places with poor sanitation standards.


Disease Burden:

India: 2 to 3 % population is suffering from Hepatitis that makes up to large numbers.

US: 0.7% disease burden.



Getting newborns vaccinated for Hepatitis as per the vaccination schedule is the best method to prevent Hepatitis. Hepatitis vaccine is safe and very effective.

Living in hygienic places and abstaining from injectable drug abuse.

Using condoms to follow safe sexual practices.

Getting treated at a recognised Medical Centre.



95% of people do not know that they are infected with Hepatitis.

This is due to lack of awareness and poor access to Hepatitis Tests.

Get yourself Tested and Treated to join Hands in making this world free from Hepatitis.

Making a small contribution in this direction we at Ayurveda Healing Clinic organised a camp to spread awareness by providing  information in accordance with WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION and scale-up Testing and Treatment related to Hepatitis.



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